ul. Świdnicka 38a

50-068 Wrocław, Poland



My name is Albert. I am a traveler, but instead of being a fan of old architecture and historical regions, I’m a TEA lover. From every trip of mine, I bring the highest quality tea leaves as well as various herbs and spices: vanilla bourbon, coriander, cardamom, colored pepper, sunflower, hibiscus, lemongrass, elderberries, rose buds, candied oranges, strawberries and many other marvels. After returning back I revisit my memories of the places that I visited, I take out treasures and mix them into unique composi- tions that become new ALBERT TEA.
We offer a complete line of leaf teas. We selected leafs and created a variety of blends. They are packaged in a round metal packaging with an attractive label depicting a boy named Albert – the traveler who travels the world and brings a variety of tea. Each box represents Albert in different scenery, and in the description he writes the story of the tea inside, the region it came from or composition of flavors.

Developed by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers. Espresso Syrup is an all-natural flavored syrup specially developed for coffee, which will turn your classic latte into a carousel of taste sensations. Espresso Syrup contains only the best, which is pure nature. We did not use any artificial coloring, artificial flavors, or preserv- atives for its production. Why is this so important? Because the high quality, natural coffee we believe you’re drinking, requires equally high quality additives for its preparation. Try our syrups in your coffee, and you’ll see how much its taste may surprise you. This syrup is created specifically for coffee connoisseurs.

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CAFE BORÓWKA is a coffee roastery located in Wrocław, Poland. We have roasted fresh coffee for many years, creating specialty blends, with unique tastes, and selecting coffees from the best plantations world-wide. We pay the highest attention to the choice of suppliers to ensure that the beans are always the finest quality. This ensures that you will only receive the best coffee from us. Our most important attribute is the fact that coffee roasting is carried out on an ongoing basis in small batches only. We do not store it, which guaratees you receive freshly roasted coffee at all times. Currently, our CAFE BORÓWKA label includes mostly single-origin coffees that are 100% Arabica from more than ten different countries, worldwide, and which are our own unique blend. Additionally, our roasting company has launched certified organic coffees (BIO) to the market, which we sell under the MAYBE ORGANIC label. We meet the strict organic production standards and we have EU BIO certification. We are also a member of the Fairtrade Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ. Moreover, our roasting company is part of the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) organization. To compliment our coffee offer we introduced the line of natural coffee syrups ESPRESSO SYRUP. To produce them we do not use any artificial colors, preserva- tives or flavors enhancers. We’ve also created a collection of high-quality loose leaf teas ALBERT TEA. We offer specially selected best single-origin teas, as well as our unique blends. We would like to invite you to contact us to discuss our cooperation.


CAFE BORÓWKA ul. Świdnica 38a 50-068 Wrocław, Poland info@cafeborowka.com